The Thought

The idea behind the artwork

As a fan engagement platform, we wanted our artwork to reflect something we are passionate about - Cinema. In many films and best-selling books, there are certain types of characters that appear repeatedly. They are known as character archetypes. Were you one of those who thought Gandalf and Dumbledore had similar persona?

This is because both characters are modelled around the same archetype i.e. The Mentor. Some people say there are 5 character archetypes while others think 8. When in doubt, ask an expert !

In our case, who better than Carl Jung, one of the most influential psychologists of 20th century. His ideas have had a profound influence on modern culture. As the founder of analytical psychology, his theories and thoughts have inspired countless texts, novels, and varied media ranging from comic books to video games.

He believed that there are 12 universal character archetypes, and that each of the twelve primary types has its own set of values, meanings, and personality traits. We have taken these twelve archetypes as the base and built our entire collection around them.

You'll find a sneak peak of our artwork in the next section.

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