Elova Litepaper
Overview of the Elova app.
  • Missing out on all the movie fun? Not anymore! On Elova, you will be more than just a fan. Here, you can have your cake and eat it too with voting rights to the decisions of your favorite studios, collect never before seen merchandise, be a part of the fandom, and much more!
  • Superman had a cape, you have $ELO tokens! Be one with the stalwarts with VIP passes, geek out on cool AR-enabled features, or make your favorite stars the legends of the global leaderboard. On Elova, you can do it all!
  • Take the movie business up a notch! Offer unique digital collectibles (NFTs), build fandoms and make them a part of your A-team, or simply sell your movies. At Elova, make your biggest cheerleaders your best partners, while minting some money for the studio!
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