Elova Litepaper
$ELO Supply & Distribution
$ELO tokens will have a fixed supply 10,000,000,000. Allocations will be distributed across the following four categories.
Token Amount
Ecosystem Development Fund
Staking Pool
Initial Claim Allocation
Founders, Team & Advisors
Please note that these allocations are tentative and this section will be finalised in the upcoming weeks before the launch of the $ELO token.
  • Ecosystem Development Fund: The primary purpose of this fund will be to grow the Elova ecosystem. Some of the use cases are -
    • Partner onboarding
    • Marketing & promotions
    • Development of new play to earn games
    • Setting up liquidity pool for trading pairs based on $ELO
    • Launch of new utilities in the app
  • Staking Allocation: Total staking period along with details of the staking pool will be updated subsequently
  • Initial Claim Allocation: Initial claim of $ELO will be available to all genesis collection holders based on the acquisition method of your genesis NFT. The acquisition methods include - OG minter, public minter & others (secondary & giveaways). OG minters get to earn the maximum rewards, followed by public minters and others.
  • Founders, Team & Advisors: The Founders, Team and Advisors' allocation will be locked for a period of 12 months from launch, and distributed monthly in equal portions for subsequent months.
Over the next few weeks more details will be added to this section.
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