Elova Litepaper


Elova is a fan engagement platform that acts as a marketplace for fans to engage with their favorite actors, directors & studios. It’s like going on a blind date with your favorite movie star! Just better.
Elova will onboard movie production houses, studios, actors, etc., who conduct polls, events & AMA sessions on the app. What’s more? You’ll get your hands on “unlockable content” NFTs consisting of artwork, behind-the-scenes collections, deleted scenes, and whatnot.
Neat! But what’s the catch?
There’s no catch! However, all the film freaks will be able to own all this cool stuff, bag voting rights, and witness the fun unfurl on the Elova red carpet with VIP access by shelling out $ELO.

Damn! Tell me more

The main currency for all the transactions on Elova is the $ELO token, an SPL token on the Solana blockchain. There would be a fixed supply of these tokens and a liquidity pool will be set up for trading pairs. Don’t sweat, think of it as a few bucks you’d borrow from a friend to buy that thing you loved in the store just around the corner.
Each of the Elova partners - studios, actors, directors, etc. would put out a good deal of their NFTs for their superfans. There will be two such NFTs, each with its cool benefits.
Passport NFTs
Superfans who own these NFTs get access to
  • Voting Rights - Take the reigns, well, partly, of the decision making in the movie ecosystem.
  • Offline Events: Whether it’s red carpet events or official audio launches on the ground, Elova NFTs = Exclusive Entries to events de l’heure.
  • Online Events: Be in the same room with the who’s who of the industry, virtually, with AMA sessions and more.
Collectible NFTs
Get ready to experience the movie world live never before! As the fun is about just being. With Collectible NFTs, the partners will launch unlockable content such as
  • Behind the scenes collection.
  • Bonus material / deleted scenes.
  • Artwork - Posters, memorabilia.
  • Digital Avatars.
  • Audio scores.
The token supply (NFTs) for each partner would be limited in number and can be traded on a 3rd party open platform or on Elova. This trading incentivises the partners to engage their superfans in the best possible manner.
Which poster look is stellar? Is NYC the best place for a pre-launch? With Elova Voting rights & tokens you can call the shots on this and other exciting stuff! Isn’t that epic?
If all of this gets you movin, wait for it for there’s more. On Elova, superfans can also earn tokens while being a part of
  • Chat rooms / discussion forums.
  • Fun games such as movie trivia.
  • What’s going on at the box office? (News)