• In the first phase, the focus will be on community building, documentation, and building excitement around the project. Besides this, the art for all the NFTs of the genesis collection will be finalized and launched on the elova.io website.

  • Movie trivia app launch in the Web2 space. Live quizzes to be conducted for determining the Whitelist spots.


  • This phase will begin with the minting of the genesis collection. Post this, a team of developers, designers, SDRs, and staff members will brought to build the Elova app.

  • As the first step, we will launch the prototype of Elova dApp. Users will be able to play real-time movie trivia quizzes daily and earn $ELO tokens.

  • Post this, Elova’s partners will be onboarded - production houses, studios, artists, and actors into the ecosystem.


  • Full-fledged development of Elova dApp. Creation of partner-specific NFTs - both passport NFTs and collectible NFTs. Building of the trading platform for NFTs within the Elova ecosystem.


  • The launch of the Elova dApp for the general public. Users will participate in partner-specific poles, access VIP passes to events & AMA sessions, play fun games and win rewards & merchandise through $ELO tokens. Further, users will trade partner-specific NFTs - both collectible & passport on our app.

  • Further, users get to trade partner specific NFTs - both collectible & passport on the app.


  • Expansion of Elova into multiple territories and onboarding of new partners into the ecosystem.

  • The addition of new features such as chat rooms, news section, discovery platform with a vision to make Elova the largest movie platform.

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