Elova Litepaper

Meet the Team

If you had just one superpower, what would you choose?
We chose ours while marathon bingeing on the reruns of G.O.A.T. sequel movies, Star Wars! Our superpower is to shape the movies we so love. You guys must think we have gone nuts right? But just think about it, wouldn’t it be killer if we superfans had the power to get into the driving seat and steer the path of cinema we so love. We almost came to blows discussing whether sequels of OG movies were a good idea. And it struck us, wouldn’t it be cool if us bros could create something together?
So we got things rolling and started to build a new-age platform with the web3 tech for movie maniacs just like us - ELOVA!
Although, who are we?!


Hey! I am Aashray and the mastermind behind Elova. I am a die-hard movie buff and a start-up wizkid with a proven track record of scaling startups from 0 to 1 across Edtech, SaaS, and Fintech. While I am no transformer in a suit with inter-galactic powers, I have successfully managed to get my first startup acquired and am in the run for Seed and Series B funding from Omidyar, Saif Partners & Nexus Ventures for the other two startups (Goodera & Findeed). It’s like Shark Tank, but IRL!


Namaste! That’s how we greet each other where I’m from. My name is Bhupesh (pronounced as “boo-pesh”) and I am a marketing rockstar, kickass writer, and Web 3.0 strategist. I have a Ph.D. in Digital Marketing and keep drifting across three continents shaping brilliant brains in various Universities. I’m in charge of the digital campaigns at Elova, collaborating with leading crypto buffs and ensuring perfection in our themes.


Hola! The Elova team calls me the “Flash” because I like to do things fast and thorough. At Elova I cover all the bases, but I am a heavyweight when it comes to Tech and Blockchain. The cool kid on the block, I have developed core banking products in my earlier stint as a Senior Software Engineer at HSBC. And when I am not busy geeking over all things tech, I make startups an offer they can’t refuse. I consult them on how to ideate and build software products at scale.
I regularly write at Medium demystifying tech and data and actively contribute to research (some of my research papers - 1 & 2).
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